02: The Wonderful End of the World

I bought the Dejobaan pack because I felt like I’d seen their games mentioned often enough. Beginning to regret this.

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to become a sort of amorphous blob that destroys a sandbox. Well, now is your chance! The Wonderful End of the World says to you “here is a room. Become the room”, so you wander around, picking up stuff that is smaller than you, and then you get bigger, and pick up the stuff that was bigger than you but is now smaller than you. And it’s so damn boring. Quick quiz, compare and contrast these two screenshots.



Yeah, you always look about the same, just made up of different things. All the levels are the same. The look is…quirky? I guess? But not very interesting. The missions are theoretically against a timer but it’s pretty much impossible to fail, the amorphous blob handles like a brick on square wheels and occasionally spazzes across the map if you bump into a table, and the voiceover is a patronising tit. There’s just no challenge, the maps take about two minutes, there is nothing that can damage you, the only thing stopping you from winning is the physics engine. Basically, the developers didn’t realise their limitations of what they could make. I completed everything in about an hour, anyway, and that’s one more checked off.

1 star, 86 minutes played.

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