Halfway Post

So it’s June 30th, the 182nd day of the year and more or less the halfway point. I figured I should see what I’ve done and what is left to go. To this end, I bunged everything in Excel and saw what terrible graphs it made


The important statistic is presumably what proportion I’ve actually done. This is a little awkward in that the amount of games I own is still creeping upwards from time to time, I’ve added in the region of ten to this list since the year started and I may well have to add more. At the moment, though, we stand at 42 played out of 72, or a little more than 58%. That’s good, that’s clearly more than half, but it’s probably going to be more complicated than that, as I am slowing down somewhat. Have a graph of games played over time


If I stay above that red line then I’ll have hit 73 games at the end of the year. It’s definitely creeping up on me, though, and I need to play 3 games every fortnight to stay ahead. Challenging times. Of course, another interpretation could be that I got a lot of small, short games out of the way early doors and now I’m left with longer games that are necessarily taking a bigger chunk of time. So I decided to put together a graph for cumulative hours over time


And from that you can see that the time invested has stayed reasonably constant, perhaps even picking up recently. Overall I’m standing on an average of 9 and a half hours per game. The question then becomes: well how many hours have you got left? This, I don’t know without going through my steam friends list for ever game and seeing on average how long people put into a game, and even then with some of the indie games that won’t be possible. So we’ll just hope. With a couple of GTAs, Just Cause, Crusader Kings (properly) and Jagged Alliance still to come, I may be cutting it decidedly fine, but the summer holidays are nearly here.


The other thing that could be looked at are the ratings I’ve been giving out (BECAUSE THESE TOTALLY MATTER). I’m sitting on an average of 2.7 stars per game at the moment, which breakdown as follows.


Beginning to form a nearly normal distribution there, which is heartening. There’s three games for 0 stars and four for 5 stars so they have to be the best and worst games of the first half of 2012. Well done Bastion, Fallout New Vegas, Monkey Island and SpaceChem. Fuck you, 1,2,3,kick it, Telltale Texas Hold’em and Gish. Another thing you could look at is how the game ratings have been changing over time. For me this has all been about experiencing a broader range of games and becoming more confident in writing about them critically.


This is an average for the last ten games played with the completely wrong X-axis label but like hell am I changing that now. It appears that at the start, I was a bit brief and a bit fluffy and I may have tightened up the acerbic screws slightly since then, plummeting from an average of over 3, to 2.1 at the nadir of Telltale Texas Hold’em. Hopefully the best is to come, eh?

We now return you to your irregularly scheduled walls of text.

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